certif iso

Attached to production and management quality, our Quality Management System (QMS) complies with ISO9001 v 2008 standards and is based on the process approach, endeavoring to manufacture and sell wood-based panel furniture components.


The implementation and the permanent improvement of TECHNOPANELS’ QMS is a mission shared by all of its employees, each in the context of its tasks and responsibilities, from the head office to the technicians and through the managerial staff.


It is in this spirit that one of our engineers, more specifically our production manager, was temporarily assigned for a training on the aspects, behavior and chemical composition of glue, an essential component of our products.


TECHNOPANELS’ Quality politics focuses essentially on the improvement of its customers’ satisfaction by providing them with a product that meets their expectations both in terms of quality and timeliness, while at the same time improving its flexibility and cost-containment.

Certificat ISO 9001: 2008