Information :

Non PCV-based laminated MDF, high gloss, having been submitted to a treatment of the surface allowing it to increase resistance to scratch and chemical products

Laminated back side (same color), edge band on the 4 sides

Support :

  • High-density fireboard pannel
  • Formaldehyde Emission: Class E1
  • Laminated back side
  • Thickness tolerance : +/- 0.3mm
  • Density: 800 Kg/m3


  • Thickness-treated Polymer : 0,3mm


  • Polyurethane glue (PUR)
  • High adhesion
  • High resistance to heat and humidity


  • PVC and ABS
  • Thickness: 0.5mm to 1.5mm

Using Areas :

  • Kitchen frontals
  • Frontals (or sides) for bathroom furniture
  • Dressing’s doors
  • Layout

Characteristics :

  • Abrasion resistance: Class (2D)
  • Scratch resistance: Class (2A)
  • Temperature resistance: Class 5 (>75°)
  • Climatic variation resistance: Class 3
  • Gloss level: >90 (High gloss)
  • Light stability: >= 6 (Blue scale)


2D MaxxiGloss frontal

Dimensions :

Height 100mm to 2700mm
Width 100mm to 1200mm
Thickness 18mm

Chemical Resistance :

Chemical substance Exhibition Time Result
Acetic Acid 16h No visible change
Lemon Acid 16h No visible change
Ammonia Water 16h No visible change
Ethyl alcohol 16h No visible change
Red wine 16h No visible change
Beer 16h No visible change
Cola Drinks 16h No visible change
Black tea 16h No visible change
Water 16h No visible change
Gasoline 16h No change visible
Acetone 16h No change visible
EthyleneButylacrylate 16h No change visible
Butter 16h No change visible
Olive oil 16h No change visible
Mustard 16h No change visible
Onion 16h No change visible
Desinfectant 16h No change visible
Ink 16h No change visible
Cleaning product 16h No change visible
Solvent 16h No change visible